Bright Technologies Announces Collaboration with FalconStor Software

Bright’s Development Team Helps Customize FalconStor’s HyperFS File System for Media


Las Vegas, NV, April 12, 2011: Bright Technologies, Inc., developer of advanced file management technology for media, and FalconStor Software (, developer of innovative, scalable, and open storage management and data protection solutions announce their mutual efforts to enhance FalconStor’s HyperFS® file system for media.

“The requirements for a file system specializing in the media and entertainment industry are unique,” said Bernie Wu, Vice President of Business Development at FalconStor Software. “FalconStor was looking for a partner who possesses in-depth knowledge and great experience in this particular field, and we are delighted to have found this partner in Bright Technologies.”

FalconStor’s confidence in the development team of Bright Technologies, led by Ed Rodriguez is legitimate. Since the 1990s the core team of Bright Technologies has identified and tackled many of the challenges of file handling in media. When the media and entertainment industry began to “retool” by moving away from traditional analog media, such as tape, but utilizing “the new power” of IT supported workflows instead, it was soon apparent that managing file based media was fundamentally different than standard IT – with a new set of unique requirements. Problems with performance and data (or file) handling occurred. The management of data placement on disk combined with their basic mechanical operation has become critically important to achieve overall the best workflow efficiency. Back in the mid-1990s Bright’s core team was involved in the development of the first shared file system for media. Hence their expertise is well-founded to do it once again.

“We are thrilled to support FalconStor in achieving their goal to accomplish a file system specialized for the specific needs of the M&E industry.” said Ed Rodriguez, President and Chief Architect of Bright Technologies, Inc. “The HyperFS file system has a lot of potential and we are deeply impressed by the excellent job that the development team of FalconStor has performed so far! We are happy to assist FalconStor in further enhancing the HyperFS solution for the media & entertainment industry!”

The HyperFS file system is packed with special features to meet the demands of rich media environments. For data-intensive applications that generate enormous numbers of large files, FalconStor’s file system provides over 140 petabytes of scalable storage capacity and multiple gigabyte transmission bandwidth. It supports massive data sets, single files as large as 32TB, and concurrent heterogeneous multi-user access. The HyperFS solution simplifies large file management, while providing high-speed, low-latency file access across a global repository. This enables you to utilize storage resources more efficiently. You can easily manage storage and share data from a single consolidated pool, alleviating management challenges and reducing operational costs. Running on any storage hardware, the HyperFS file system provides full storage subsystem independence and support for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux clients.

“We are happy to have the opportunity to leverage the knowledge and experience of Bright’s development team, Wu added. “Bright Technologies is driven by its vision to provide the media and entertainment industry with the best possible solutions that deliver performance, speed and predictability; and Bright’s products demonstrate this in an impressive way. With BrightDrive G2, its field-proven and future-proof network file server, Bright delivers the most sophisticated solution in the industry for shared media workflows.”

BrightDrive G2, the flagship product of Bright Technologies, Inc., is a dedicated network file server specifically designed to meet the needs of the media and entertainment industry. Rich in specialized features such as BrightClip™, BrightDrive supports all major applications used in DI and digital postproduction. BrightDrive’s core technology has been developed to manage the data-intensive processes and enable operators to access and work from HD to 4K and beyond, sharing media in real-time working directly from BrightDrive. This approach saves time and improves efficiency through the elimination of laborious manual processes. Playback of the media from BrightDrive to the creative applications is smooth and stutter-free, providing stability to system performance at all times.

“Since our BrightDrive is agnostic regarding storage as well as regarding the file system, customers will have the freedom to choose their file system”, states Ed Rodriguez. “AT NAB 2011 we will show how BrightDrive and HyperFS will create a great alliance for customers in the M&E industry.”


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